Caring for your teeth and your oral health is a good investment for the future and the new Healthy Smiles subscription program is a great start!

The Healthy Smiles subscription service is developed by dental professionals for the most common oral health care needs. Just pick the program that is best suited for you and you can look forward to receiving specifically prepared deliveries to your door with a suitable interval – for as long as you wish!

Smart, convenient, and cost-effective!

How it works

Pick the program for you

Healthy Smiles offers five specifically developed programs; Essential, Advanced, Ortho, Perio and Implant. And, all programs include additional value-added benefits, like the FREE access to our experts. 

Check the mail

We will rush your first delivery in the program of your choice. Then, for as long as you wish, you will receive specifically prepared deliveries to your door with a suitable interval.

Cancelling is easy

When you want to cancel, just call or e-mail us at Healthy Smiles! And you are always welcome to come back whenever you want!

It's so easy!


Caring for your teeth is a great investment for the future!


Developed by experts and conveniently delivered to your door!


We offer 30% discount vs. regular prices ALWAYS!

When joining Healthy Smiles, you automatically are granted an account in which you can – among other things - view delivery details and can change which products to be included in an upcoming delivery. And if you want to skip one delivery – easily done in your account!

And the feature which we are the most proud to offer – we offer everyone who are active in Healthy Smiles, through their accounts, to communicate directly, and at NO COST, with our TePe experts. Any question or comment about oral health is welcome. Our experts will provide the best available answer within 24 hours, Monday - Friday. 

Your account and our experts


Off regular prices
+ FREE shipping

Our special offer

All Healthy Smiles programs are offered at a 30% DISCOUNT vs. regular prices. In addition, Healthy Smiles always come with FREE SHIPPING. All for as long as you wish! You can cancel at any time by either calling or sending us an e-mail. 

$6 OFF

your first delivery

As a very special incentive, we also give today a special EXTRA DISCOUNT on your first delivery only. When signing up today, we deduct an additional $6 for your first delivery! 


We will rush your first delivery as soon as we possibly can. Thereafter, you will receive follow-on deliveries as defined in the specific program you have chosen (either every second or third month) for as long as you want. 

Our promise to you


In the event you would like to return a delivery, you can do so 10 days upon receipt. 

Customer satisfaction

We are committed to customer satisfaction and will aim to resolve any question you might have in respect to oral health in general. You are always welcome to contact us at 1-888- 644-8373 or by e-mail at


You can cancel Healthy Smiles at any time by calling us at 1-888-644-8373 or e-mail us at




Essentials Kit
The program for everyone without any specific oral health condition.

What's inside

Advanced Kit
The program for everyone looking for a superior clean.

Ortho Kit
A program specifically for orthodontics.

Perio Kit
The program specifically prepared to battle periodontal disease.

Implant Care Kit
The program specifically tailored for taking good care of your dental implant(s).

More About EssentialsMore About AdvancedMore About OrthoMore About PerioMore About Implant Care

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Essentials Kit
Advanced Kit
Ortho Kit
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